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Above and below: Chilling out at the beach on Grand Bahama at the Old Bahama Bay Club. keeps drifting off to glorious tropical moments. Anyway, my point is that, thank God, there are good, inspired people in this world who are protecting paradise. Because, there are always those unsavory A-Holes who want to exploit our precious resources, usually for a fast buck. In this issue, we've featured the Bahamas National Trust, a group that is working day and night to fight back the onslaught of exploitation—both by man and nature. They can confront real estate developers, illegal fishing fleets, crooked politicians, and even invasive lionfish, but what about ocean acidification, coral bleaching and hurricanes? It's an ongoing battle, sometimes against insidious foes we cannot even see or control. Nonetheless, they march forward, these saints for nature. They fight every day to make sure the planet will be a better place in the future rather than what we've come to expect: a slow, steady degradation of the ecosystem. I applaud the BNT and the hundreds of other organizations who are watchdogs for our paradise playground. They are the heroes of our generation and they are spawning a whole new genre of young, active conservationists. The good news is that all of these efforts to revive the heartbeat of our planet have made and are making a difference. We are seeing wild animal stocks building back to record numbers. Rivers, lakes and bays that once were uninhabitable are being managed back to health. Oyster farms, which clean the water and provide tasty nourishment, seem to be popping up everywhere. Renewable energy is booming so fast that one day soon kids will be asking, "So, like, can you explain why people like burned oil when there's so much sunlight and wind to, you know, like, harness?" And, "You mean cars and boats weren't electric back then? That's just weird." Yep, there is hope on the horizon. But now is not the time to relent. This is the moment when we should increase our efforts and then ramp them up even more. So, I urge everyone reading my words to support local and national conservation organizations with money and manpower. It will make you feel good about yourself and, as a bonus, help make the world better. When you think about it, that's another way to make someone smile, even if you don't take them with you to The Bahamas. | 81

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