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80 | HOOKED ON THE BAHAMAS For the past 25 years, Fred D. Garth's articles have appeared in numerous books, magazines and newspapers around the world. Read his blog at: FRED GARTH LAST CAST Want to make someone exceedingly happy? Sure you do. It's easy. Just tell them you're going to The Bahamas and invite them to come with. You'll immediately see a big ol' slice of watermelon spread across their face. And, you'll be their newest best least until after the trip! What is it about the islands that gets our heart racing and our soul soaring? Is it the 50 shades of blue? And not much gray. Or the visions of snorkeling with pastel creatures, dolphins and, yes, sharks? Those insta-grins spring forth with thoughts of cold beers on a blazing hot day and, later, tropical drinks as the orange orb melts into the horizon while steel drums magically whisk away your stress. There's the smell of fried fish and conch fritters in the air. And garlic butter fumes absorbed into your nostrils as it's poured over a plate of grilled lobster tails. Mmm. We fantasize of skipping across a light chop in a beefy center console while we rig the rods for tuna, mahi, wahoo or whatever will rip off line until the reel screams for mercy. It's all of those fantastical daydreams that fuel us, along with a huge serving of not being at the office staring at a computer screen with 132 unanswered emails. Shall we state the obvious? We yearn for paradise. It completes us. It powers us through cruel bosses and kids who break iPhones like I lose fishing lures. Paradise has saved me from insanity so many times. I've tasted—no, feasted—on it more than I deserve. I've caught everything from bonefish to billfish. I've dived with pufferfish, tarpon, turtles, sailfish, sharks and humpback whales. I've walked sandy beaches from the Caribbean to Italy to the Indo Pacific. I'm not boasting, I'm leading up to a salient point. Or at least, I'm trying to but my mind Right: The tranquility of the Old Bahama Bay Club on Grand Bahama.

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