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78 | When it comes to electric outboard engines, Torqeedo stands alone on the summit. They even have an 80hp called the DeepSea. However, their sweet spot is in the 4hp to 20hp range for dinghies, small watercraft and sailboats. They're also laser focused on kayaks. They offer both a stern-mounted engine, the Ultralight 403, and a brilliantly designed engine that slips seamlessly into the pedal well of a Hobie or Wilderness System kayak. Hobie's is called the Evolve; Wilderness System has the Helix MD motor drive. Removing the pedals and dropping in the motor takes all of about 15-20 seconds. No tools are necessary. Maybe the coolest aspects of Torqeedo's engines are the accessories. It comes with a throttle you can mount next to your seat, with a computer screen that shows your speed, battery life, estimated distance and a bunch of data to help your cruise go smoothly. Our contacts at Torqeedo have informed us that they've upgraded the battery on the Ultralight 403 from a 320Wh to a 915Wh battery, so, according to them, it will run "all day." Torqeedo Two companies that have been well established in boating for many decades are Old Town and Minn-Kota motors. Now they've teamed up on an ergonomic Minn-Kota motor insert for the Old Town Predator kayak. It fits into the pedal well via a hinge system that easily lifts up or locks down. It hooks up to a full-sized battery mounted behind the seat. When it's lifted up, the system is quite bulky, but once it's popped into place, the clutter is gone and there's an easily accessible storage compartment between your legs. Old Town Predator XL Minn-Kota Console Evolve: $2,150 Ultralight 403: $1,800 $1,200 (motor insert only) Here are a few of the most popular options:

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