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66 | up rod and reel, learning the nearby waters, boating information)." Rodgers understands that while later generation adults may have had parental influence to get involved in fishing, there are many kids and adults alike that may have not had that push to move into fishing. "We want to create lifelong participants. These programs are centered a lot around urban kids who may have both parents working and never have an opportunity to get introduced to the sport. We step in to be the mentor to go fishing, and go fishing often." So, what does the future hold for the 60 in 60 program? "Whether we reach the goal or not, we want the industry to rally behind the idea and see a concerted effort between state agencies and industry-related corporations to move the needle, to have fishing businesses rethink their focus on entry level customers," said Rodgers. "If we realize the success we expect of this initiative, after this program, we should hopefully have built 10 more years of new customers to sell to. This is all a rallying cry for the industry and corporations to get behind recruiting new members; it's good not only for the bottom line of profits but more importantly to ignite humanity for our passion and building numbers of fishermen as a whole." Any time we can grow numbers for supporting the sportfishing lifestyle with engagement, conservation and protection of resources, we all win. Help spread the 60 in 60 ideology on your own on a grass roots level. If you see someone who doesn't have the means or wherewithal to get on a boat, take them out fishing on your next trip. If your kid's friend has a family that works day and night and has no time to teach them, bring them along the next time you head out with your kid. 60 in 60 is taking off across the country. It's a focused movement that has been a long time coming. Even one small gesture can make a world of change. Join in the mantra of the RBFF's 60 in 60 campaign and become an ambassador to the fishing world. Nick Honachefsky is a Contributing Editor for Guy Harvey Magazine and the host of the new video series, Saltwater Underground. Top and bottom graphs courtesy of the Recreational Boating & Fishing Foundation (RBFF)

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