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Page 58 of 83 | 59 s the saying goes, the squeaky wheel gets the grease. Back in the old days, the only fishermen who made noise came from the commercial fishing sector. Sportfishermen had no voice because we were just a bunch of happy-go-lucky anglers scattered about the nation enjoying a bountiful catch. Recreational anglers were not organized because we did not have to be. There was little reason to squeak. However, in the past few decades, as pressure on the fishery has increased the sportfishing community has come together. We have asserted ourselves with lawmakers and have simply asked to be treated equally. Today, the most influential voice for our fishing community is from the American Sportfishing Association. The ASA, and other vital groups have been able to get the message out to lawmakers that sportfishing has a massive impact on the American economy. We create millions of jobs from the local marina dockhand up to the CEO of Viking Yachts. Boat sales, gear sales, charter boats, fishing travel and even this magazine, all add up billions of dollars to fuel a massive economic engine. And that engine is running on high test. In the following pages, we examine several of the most pressing issues facing our angling community and the efforts organizations like ASA have undertaken, such as trying to build the fishing population to 60 million anglers in the next 60 months, and helping to navigate the treacherous clashes between state and federal fishing laws and lawmakers. It would be awesome if we didn't need the groups like the ASA. That is, if our elected officials actually went to the capital to serve the best interest of the people who elected them. Unfortunately, that reality does not always exist. At least not in this solar system. Thankfully, we have advocacy groups who have learned how to squeak quite loudly and where we need the grease.

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