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4 | 24 THE BIRTH OF CONSERVATION IN THE BAHAMAS How the Bahamas National Trust was created to successfully protected the island nation's precious resources. 28 A descendant of legendary Russian author Leo Tolstoy was a driving force behind helping to create the amazing Exuma Cays Land and Sea Park. BY LYNN GAPE BY ERIC CAREY 58 60 POLITICS OF FISHING FISHERY MANAGEMENT STATES VS. FEDS If you thought fishing was just about hanging out with your buds, drinking cold brewskis and casting for big 'uns, think again. There's an intricate network of hard-working folks who spend every day of their lives working on the rules and regulations to keep us on the water and having fun. States rights are a huge issue these days - in fishing as well as other areas. BY LIZ OGILVIE WILDLIFE IN THE EXUMA CAYS Birds, reptiles, rodents, fish and other critters thrive here. BY LYNN GAPE CONTENTS WINTER/SPRING 2018 THE DELICATE BALANCE OF PROTECTION A close look at why this Marine Protected Area has some of the healthiest, and yet also threatened, coral reefs in the world and what we must do to protect them. BY CRAIG DAHLGREN 32 36 THE HISTORY OF THE EXUMA CAYS LAND AND SEA PARK THE COMPLEX FUTURE OF MARINE PARKS Director Joe Ierna of the Exuma Cays Land and Sea Park outlines the successful model for this marine park and how other parks around the world can use this knowledge as a template to conserve other sensitive areas. BY CAPTAIN JOSEPH IERNA, JR. 34 RECREATION AND REGULATION We all need boundaries as long as they don't infringe on our fun. BY MIKE LEONARD 62 60 FOR 60 Can the angler population grow to 60 million fisherman in 60 months? That's the goal. BY NICK HONACHEFSKY 64 SPECIAL SECTION: BAHAMAS NATIONAL TRUST SPECIAL SECTION 24

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