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Page 26 of 83 | 27 Black grouper, often called rockfish in The Bahamas, are big, cool-looking and tasty. Unfortunately, like virtually every fish that people eat, they are now in real danger and are on the IUCN Red List as a near-threatened species. Grouper spawn in huge aggregations that make them very vulnerable to overfishing once these spawning locations are recorded. Photo by Colin Ruggiero However, The majority of Council representatives (15) are elected by the BNT membership. In other words, the BNT can hold title and has full statutory authority to carry out its conservation mandate. But as a non-governmental organization, it can also benefit from a local and international membership, and can leverage private donations as well as scientific grants. Today, the BNT manages 32 national parks that encompass over two million acres of tropical biodiversity. National parks in The Bahamas have historically been identified and created to address conservation needs and environmental concerns. Today, as a society, we are beginning to understand and renew our understanding that open space and the natural world are critical to our health and well-being as a species. Improving public access to the national parks is one of the BNT's top concerns. This requires considerable investment in research, planning and infrastructure development. The infrastructure needs of a national park can range from roads, bridges, boardwalks, observation towers, and trails to interpretive signage and visitor facilities. There are also the human resources needed to manage public access to the parks. Currently, the BNT is working with Bahamas-based and international partners to develop comprehensive management plans for every park and reserve in the network. A key part of this is to encourage local community buy-in and ownership of the parks.

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