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12 | NEWS, NOTES & GEAR Here's a product to save your offshore fishing boat from a quick trip to the bottom of the slimy sea. It's an inflatable "plug" for the exhaust pipe for inboard engines. Exhaust holes are typically at or below the surface of the water to help dissipate engine noise. So they all have risers built into the exhaust pipe, which are above the water line, to keep sea water from flowing in and sinking your floating investment/joy ride. The Yacht Preserver is intended to prevent disaster in the event that your risers rust out, fail or dip below the surface—something that is all too common. The ingenious product can be used during regular maintenance or in case of emergency. For maintenance, when your risers need replacing (they do rust out eventually), normally it's an expensive trip in the hoist and up on the hard in the yard. Some creative mechanics avoid the expense and hassle of pulling the boat from the water by stuffing beach balls or volleyballs or even towels into the exhaust hole to stop the flow of water when the risers are removed. Well, no need for that kind of jack-leg solution anymore, Bubba. You guessed it. Yacht Preserver! For mechanics who charge exorbitant rates, the YP is inflated using a manual air pump because, hey, they have time and you're paying them by the hour. But, in emergencies, like when you're sinking and bobbing around amongst boat cushions and empty beer cans, the YP has a CO2 cartridge to seal the exhaust hole in seconds. Otherwise, it's bye bye boatie and hello insurance adjuster. The YP can stop that flow and give you added time to survive, or maybe save your vessel. As their website says, "You wouldn't leave the dock without a life jacket, don't leave without Yacht Preserver!" And there you go. A catchy product with a catchy name. For more info, go to: Yacht Preserver A close-up shot of the Yacht Preserver. Photo courtesy of

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