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10 | CONTRIBUTOR'S PROFILE Matt Marriott is a photographer based in Tampa, Florida, with close to two decades of professional experience in travel, food, sports, wildlife, aerial and underwater photography. As an image-maker and veteran of the U.S. Navy, he has had the fortune to have lived and worked around the globe, predominantly in the Middle East and Latin America. Between his work as a photographer and Naval aviator, he has traveled to six continents and sailed most of the world's oceans. "My experiences have profoundly shaped my world view and my passions, which are ocean conservation, diving, archaeology and off-the-grid travel. My camera is a key that has unlocked many doors that would otherwise be closed to me. I have been invited to witness some pretty amazing things and to document the work of countless dedicated professionals. I'm happy to share their's and my life's work with you and the world." –MM MATT MARRIOTT w w w . d o a l u r e s . c o m Made in USA Walk where no other topwater has walked before! The PT-7's aerodynamic body casts like a bullet and skips into tight places where others can't. 3" length and 1/2 oz., this soft plastic minesweeper detonates explosive strikes like no other topwater on the market today. Redfi sh, seatrout and largemouth bass fi nd its "walk-the-dog" action simply irresistible. Pre-rigged with a single premium 6/0 EWG hook, it keeps big fi sh on where standard trebles fail. 10 realistic colors with several more on the way. Compact & Durable Above: Matt Marriott in the field photographing a hammerhead shark. Photo: Jim Abernethy. Photo: Edward Linsmier

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