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Page 80 of 83 | 81 Above: The Mako mural painted by Guy Harvey the weekend of the roller coaster's grand opening in 2016 is enjoyed by millions of guests each year. Left: One of the many educational stops that can be found when visiting the park. Below: Many rescued turtles who cannot be returned to their natural habitat make their home at Turtle Trek, where they receive specialized care for the rest of their lives. down fiery criticism upon their orca program. But now, conservation organizations such as the Guy Harvey Ocean Foundation, have decided to partner with the behemoth entertainment company because of what SeaWorld does and has been doing for years, like rescuing more than 30,000 sick or injured animals. When a company is so deeply involved in the marine ecosystem as SeaWorld is, their social responsibility becomes a no-brainer. And while the negative press hurts, the positives continue to gain momentum like, well, a freaky fast roller coaster. I believe that if the they could have let their captive orcas go, they probably would have. But we know that marine mammals like orcas and dolphins that have been raised in human care will not survive in the wild. It's a death sentence to send them into an unfamiliar ocean where they have to forage for themselves and try to integrate into complex societies. Those marine mammal clicks are more harsh than high school cheerleaders. At the end of our tour, after a fabulous lunch at a place called Sharks Underwater Grill, I had finally regained control of my legs and could speak normally again. We toured Turtle Trek, which culminated with a 3D film shown on a 360-degree domed ceiling. Super duper cool. The seven-minute movie is shot from the perspective of the turtle and it took us from birth through adulthood. We even got scooped up in a shrimp trawl and were purged by a Turtle Excluder Device ( TED), that is now mandatory on shrimp nets. The adventure was so well done that I asked if I could possibly see it again. My hosts agreed, but only if I rode the Kraken. My voice still hasn't recovered.

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