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Page 72 of 83 | 73 Barnacle Zapper The very nature of bottom paint is to kill marine life. But putting poison in the water was a boater's only choice if he or she wanted to stave off barnacles, which damage the hull and crush gas mileage. Fortunately, in the past decade, huge paint companies like Petit have introduced non-toxic bottom paints, which is super awesome. However, what if you could go barnacle-free without any paint at all? Well, that's the idea behind the Barnacle Zapper. It's what they call an "ultrasonic anti- fouling system." What's that, you ask? It's a very cool way to keep plankton and barnacles off your precious boat, we answer. The Barnacle Zapper uses 12 volts of electricity to produce ultrasonic frequencies that keep bacteria from growing so other bad boogie like zebra mussels and barnacles can't attach and grow. Folks have been using ultrasonic technology for decades to clean everything from jewelry to medical equipment. Now, the use has spread to boats. By using a pair of transducers attached to the inside of the hull, the BZ acts like a tuning fork and transmits sound waves along the entire hull. Through the magic of science, that kills bio-film and other micro-organisms so algae and barnacles have no food source. With no food to eat, they're not coming through your drive up window and your bottom is as smooth as a newborn babe. Cost? Well, that's the thing. It's about two grand for a set that works on boats up to 30 feet. Boats between 30 and 60 feet need two systems so the price is $4,000. Yachts more than 60 feet require three or more systems. Still, when you compare the cost of hauling the boat, sanding it, painting it and all of that, the Zapper is cost effective. Check out if it's right for you at: MSRP $1,999.00

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