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72 | Bio Green Clean After a great day of fishing, cleaning the blood and salt off of your prized boat is a priority. But keeping the water clean is as important as your shiny boat. So, using a biodegradable cleaning product is critical. That's where Bio Green Clean comes in. It all started when Sarah Graff, the daughter of Bio Green Clean inventor Mark Graff was cruising past dock after dock and watching soap suds spilling into the waterway. She was already selling her 100%, plant-derived cleaner for household use so she started marketing it to the marine industry. Made with purified water, amino acids, vitamins, minerals, and other ingredients derived from leafy green vegetables, edible seeds and seed-bearing plants, BGC is not harmful to the water and it really works. What's not in BGC is chlorine, ammonia, hydrofluoric acid, butoxyethanol, phosphates, sulfates, animal products, fragrances or artificial ingredients. The company proudly claims that Bio Green Clean is the most effective, yet safest, all-natural cleaning product ever produced. That's bold, and they back it up with a money-back guarantee. When you clean your boat, you might as well use a product that won't harm the waterway. MSRP $36.95 (1 qt. Concentrate) Stream2Sea Most of us wouldn't think that the sunscreen we're wearing to protect our tender skin could harm coral reefs. However, recent articles in such publications as Time magazine, the Huffington Post and the Guardian have all reported on the dangers that toxic chemicals in some sunscreens pose to sensitive coral reefs. According the the U.S. National Park Service, between 4,000 and 6,000 tons of sunscreen enter coral reef areas each year. Unfortunately, many products that are shielding our delicate pigment from UV rays also contain oxybenzone, which is highly toxic to corals. Other toxins in many sunscreens include benzophenone-2, octinoxate, parabens and some coatings used on zinc oxide to reduce whitening. One company that has attacked the problem with a vengance is Stream2Sea, a central-Florida-based company with a wide streak of corporate responsibility and environmental consciousness. Their product line includes everything from lip balm to shampoo, which are all biodegradable and benign to the environment. But, it's their sunscreens that come in 20 SPF and 30 SPF that are helping to keep oxybenzone and its family members away from corals. A tour of Stream2Sea's website shows their diverse product line, but its main focus is educational—almost like taking a class in how to protect the earth's water supply. In true keeping to the spirit of S2S's mission, their products are also packaged in tubes made from sugar cane resin rather than petroleum-based products. For your lesson in being eco-friendly, go to: MSRP $16.95

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