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Page 68 of 83 | 69 weight-length relationship. We also aimed to tag three bigger roosterfish (35–50 lbs.) with pop-off archival tags (PAT ) to get data about their horizontal and vertical movements in the water column without having to recapture them. Gray FishTag Research were the first group to do this in 2015, and up until 2017, they were the only organization studying this fish using this method. Thus, if our tags report as scheduled, the information would be extremely valuable. PATs are a well- used study method to determine migration patterns of pelagic species, including billfish and sharks. As the fish's health is of utmost priority, pop-off tags would only be implanted on fish that were in good condition. All the anglers were extremely excited to participate as it added another interesting dimension to the tournament—not only did it give them an added purpose to their fishing, they were going to be able to track their fish over time! Over three days, 12 boats caught 102 roosters, of which 80 were tagged. Just by chance, a film crew from Big Water Adventures was filming a show on roosterfish with host Mark Davis. His team, along with TSL fishing master Captain Richard White, tagged an approximately 55-lb. roosterfish with a PAT. Every evening before dinner, the data was collected from the anglers and recorded. At the end of the tournament, TSL gave the angler with the most tagged fish a conservation award trophy. The winning angler tagged 10 fish! It was so much fun to be a part of this expedition and see all the green roosterfish release flags flying proudly on every boat each day. Some had as many as seven. What made it were the incredible guests we met from all over the U.S. and a couple who came as far away as South Africa. Without their support and that from the staff at TSL, this would not have been a success. The boat captains and mates were thanked with Guy Harvey merchandise, all of which were later given the iconic Guy Harvey signature. Now the wait is on for the PAT to begin reporting the travels of our tagged roosterfish. Meanwhile, roosterfish No. 109 has already been recaptured close to its original location and Dr. Mahmood Shivji, director of the Guy Harvey Research Institute, and my father will be visiting TSL to put out the remaining two PAT tags. We're extremely excited about the long-term prospect of this study–not only are we starting to reveal the secret lives of the roosterfish, but we are also discovering avenues for positive international collaboration in fisheries research and management. Above: Guy (white shirt) and the crew doing the Usain Bolt.

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