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Page 62 of 83 | 63 provide another industry in places where it may be needed—a win/win for everyone, except the lionfish, of course. None of this would be possible without the guidance of our teacher, David Camperman, who brought the students together and taught us about marine life as well as the problems that surround it. He encouraged us to go out and learn about local problems along the coast and taught us that nothing is too big to accomplish. Editors note: Lead author of this story, Kirsten Messer, went on to be an asset at the NOAA Southeast Fisheries Lab assisting with lab analysis of Gulf fish and supporting the scientists on other adventures. The CCS SIMS students will continue to assist Dr. Gittings, as well as scientists in the Florida Panhandle, in an effort to combat lionfish and benefit fishermen. Above: The class with their Taco Trap and Dr. Steve Gittings at the Florida Capitol. Photo: Shawn Balsters. Below: Camperman prepares for a dive on deployment day. Photo: Katie Landeck, Panama City News Herald.

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