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to have humans simply regulate themselves. It would be like letting loose a thousand hungry dogs in the last milk bone factory and telling them they can each only eat one. Self-regulation certainly won't work there. Likewise, there will always be backlash when governmental regulations are instituted, but for the most part, I truly believe the majority of recreational fishermen will both abide by the laws and respect the reasoning behind them. It is when regulations are enacted that seem to fly in the face of legitimate reason that anglers get furious, almost demanding that there's something shady going on behind the scenes with collaboration or suspect dealings. That is when people distrust government stepping in to regulate stocks. Much of that disdain and suspicion of government regulation revolves around commercial fisheries regulations, as big money usually has sway in setting regulations. A perfect, timely example is the recent longlining law in Florida. For the past 16 years, the indiscriminate practice of longlining has been closed in certain regions off Florida, saving untold numbers of swordfish—so much so that the stocks have rebounded to a sustainable level once again. Now, for no logical, conservation-minded reasoning, save for being under the guise of one scientist's research query, the NOAA authorized an "experimental" longline operation in a closed sector for a 12-month renewable period, consisting of six longline vessels, 720 set lines with 600 hooks on each line, to once again head in the direction to decimate swordfish stocks off of Florida. How many swordfish, sharks and tuna will fall prey to that barrage of attack? How is that conservation-minded? Perhaps the greatest regulation of all is one concerning the intrinsic greed of humans. Just how much is too much when it comes to generating profits, filling the freezer or padding the bottom line? Above all other concerns, the conservation concept should be at the forefront of regulation for sure, otherwise, there will be nothing left to conserve. | 59 The RipCharts mobile app allows you to download satellite imagery to your device and navigate offshore. Below: Striper Surf Club members Pete Paras, Frank Speyer and Paul Sussman showing off their catch for the day in the '60s. Photo courtesy of

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