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If you've ever seen the Disney Pixar movie, Finding Nemo (ok, really, who hasn't?), then you'll likely remember the aquarium scene in the dentist's office where Nemo is taken after being captured, and you'll probably remember his aquarium mate named Bubbles, an eccentric little yellow tang fish. In the movie, Bubbles doesn't say much other than shouting "BUBBLES!" every time he sees air bubbles, but he does query the newcomer, Nemo, about "the Big Blue." Bubbles: "So, the Big Blue. What's it like?" Nemo: "Uh...big...and blue?" Bubbles: "I knew it." It turns out that Bubbles had never seen the "Big Blue" ocean, because he came from a pet store called Fish-o-Rama. Bubbles just might have been the cartoon prototype of a real-life breakthrough in marine science: aquaculture of ornamental (aquarium) species. Saving Reef Fish Through Aquaculture BY JJ WATERS | 37

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