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4 | 30 CAREER SPOTLIGHT So you want to be a marine biologist? Well, that's not the only career path to a life in the marine industry. There's a mind-spinning array of jobs that will keep you wet and salty while you earn a living. BY JJ WATERS 24 VANISHING VAQUITA Swim bladders of the totoaba, a fish found primarily in the Gulf of California, are more valuable than cocaine in China—a kilo of the dried bladders sells for $8,500. Sadly, this has led to the near extinction of the vaquita, a small porpoise that gets caught in the totoaba fishing nets. BY GREG JACOSKI 40 ANATOMY OF A RESCUE The first step in saving a stranded and injured animal starts with regular anglers and boaters like you and me who contact the local authorities. Then an amazing network of rescue workers—from truck drivers to veterinarians—goes into high gear to save the animal. BY DANNY THORNTON 36 RISING TIDE Ninety-five percent of saltwater aquarium fish are gathered from the wild, depleting reef fish and altering nature's delicate balance. However, a new program has achieved what no others have— successfully raising reef fish in captivity. BY JJ WATERS CONTENTS FALL 2017 36 RISING TIDE

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