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26 | for commercial fishermen and $3 million earmarked for conservation organizations. In June 2017, Mexico demonstrated their commitment to saving the vaquita by instituting a permanent gillnet ban for all species in the Gulf. However, despite the best efforts of the Mexican authorities and a number of NGOs, illegal gillnet fishing is sure to continue, so the second phase of the plan will help ensure that any remaining vaquita do not encounter these nets. As difficult as one would think it would be to completely ban a fishing method that has existed for generations, the other phase of the plan could prove to be even more difficult. Researchers and conservation groups intend to capture as many of the remaining vaquita as possible and transport them, temporarily, to an enclosed pen within their natural range. This obviously presents a number of potential problems. As previously mentioned, nobody is even sure if or how many vaquita are still alive, as they are becoming increasing difficult to find free in the wild. Once they are located, this species has never been captured alive so it is unknown how well they will fair in captivity. Researchers do know that some species of porpoise do better in captivity than others. For this effort, a vaquita showing any signs of distress due to their capture will be released immediately. Officials estimate this plan will cost more than $5 million and will rely on a variety of funding sources, including donations from the public, private organizations and non-profit groups. There is a need for ongoing funding beyond 2017 to keep field efforts on track and to allow for ongoing care of the vaquita in their temporary sanctuary. SeaWorld Parks and Entertainment has been at the forefront of this effort to save the vaquita, financially and by lending their extensive This image of a vaquita was digitally enhanced by 17-year-old vaquita advocate, Aidan Bodeo- Lomicky, who runs V-log, a blog for vaquitas.

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