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Page 20 of 83 | 21 Being in the marine publishing biz has its share of unexpected twists and turns. I happened to be in Houston last spring at the Bassmaster Classic gawking at a convention hall-filled to the brim with cool fishing products and celebrity bass fishermen. I also spent a lot of the time hanging around the Guy Harvey booth and mingling with Guy and his staffers. One afternoon my cell phone buzzed and I saw that one of my favorite people, Dr. Bill Hogarth, was calling. When I answered, Bill began telling me a story of a 15-year-old kid named Joshua Stuiso, who had almost been killed when the oak tree limb that his rope swing was tied to broke and fell on him. It was a big limb. Josh was in a coma. "He really loves Guy," Bill said. "If there's anything we can get for him, it might help him get better." Bill had no idea that I was in Houston and looking at Guy as we spoke. "Bill," I said, "I'm standing about 20 feet from Guy right now, watching him sign T-shirts for a long line of admirers." "Oh great, see what you can do. Anything would help." After an hour or so, when the line had thinned out, I approached Guy and told him the story about Joshua's accident. And, that he's a sophomore at River Ridge High School in New Port Richey, Florida. That he loves to fish and play hockey. And that he loves Guy Harvey. I'd already picked out a shirt that I hoped would fit Josh. Of course, Guy happily signed the shirt and I sent it to Bill. It was quite touching to see the photo Bill sent me a couple of months later of Josh, still in a wheelchair, and wearing his autographed Guy Harvey shirt and hat. Bill had invited Josh to attend the launch party of the ship named in Bill's honor, the R/V Hogarth. As I studied the photo of one of Guy's most dedicated fans, I realized how lucky I am to be able to have such genuine friends who are eager to help their fellow man (or teenager) in need. The good news is that Josh is expected to have a full recovery thanks to excellent medical care and, just maybe, a dose of compassion from Bill Hogarth and Guy Harvey. Before this issue of the magazine went to press, Dr. Hogart sent me more pictures of Josh (see below). He's no longer in a wheelchair and his recovery is progressing nicely. Florida Teen Survives Coma Above: Dr. Bill Hogarth with Joshua during the early stages of his recovery. Right: A nearly fully recovered Joshua with his dad Mike and mom Joy. Mike is a captain with Pasco County Fire Rescue and had just gotten off duty on the day of the accident. He was able to get to Joshua quickly, render aid and help save his life. BY FRED GARTH

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