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Page 12 of 83 | 13 a teacher in Panama City, Florida, who has literally jumped into the lionfish fray with his students. They been scuba diving to study lionfish and are helping to design a new trap that could be effective in depths beyond where divers can safely hunt the invasive species. As a bonus, the students were visited by my friend Steve Gittings, science coordinator at NOAA's Office of National Marine Sanctuaries in Washington, D.C., to share lionfish trap design ideas. Finally, you may have noticed that we have some SeaWorld-related articles in this edition of the magazine. "Anatomy of a Rescue" is the true story of a dolphin named Rodeo that was rescued, rehabilitated and returned safely to the wild five months later. It's one of 30,000 animal rescues that SeaWorld has been involved with in the past 50 years. And while the company has received negative press in recent years, I have personally been impressed at how they have changed with the times, especially with their progressive new orca policies. They are a supporter of the Guy Harvey Ocean Foundation and I have teamed with them on their roller coaster, Mako, to help raise awareness about this threatened species. Just as the fishing I did as a child has evolved into more research and science-based angling, the theatrical orca presentations that made SeaWorld famous have also changed dramatically to reflect a new consciousness about the marine ecosystem. They deserve credit for being able to adapt, as well as for their dedication to animal rescues for more than five decades. Tight lines and fair winds! is an internationally-acclaimed artist, fisherman, scientist, and world traveler, who devotes much of his time and money toward ocean conservation. GUY HARVEY, PhD

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