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Episode Two - Fishing with JD I'm not ashamed to admit that I'm always late. Except for fishing. Never. Even after drowning my misery in copious beer, I'm early to the dock. The fireball was just peaking above the horizon as I approached what can only be described as a cluster you-know-what. A dozen fishermen were jockeying for the yak they wanted, the rods they desired and the fanciest lures. I imagined feeding a tribe of monkeys some double espresso and tossing in a bag of bananas. It would look like this. Caffeine and anticipation turns people into beasts. I looked around for my cornhole nemesis. Skidmore was apparently sleeping in, dreaming of his glorious victory. Keeton had the look of a man wanting a large Texas bullwhip. To further complicate, we had two dudes from Germany and a Frenchman who kind of stood by and giggled at us: the uncivilized and uncultured. But, somehow, we eventually divvied up all of the goodies without injury or too many insults. I looked at the Germans. "It's an American thing," I said. Both the ProAngler 12 and the ProAngler 14 were snatched up quickly. A small crowd had gathered around them and I sensed an oncoming international conflict. I've fished the PA12 and PA14 extensively so I opted for a red Outback 13, which was sitting all by itself like the runt puppy. My only concern: can I stand up in this sleeker, faster canoe? Keeton claimed that I could. "You probably won't fall out," he said weakly. I was less concerned about the boat I was peddling than who I was following. I'd only fished the outer reaches of Boca Grande a few times, so I leaned on local knowledge to hook me up. I sidled up to "JD" John Donahue, a SW Florida native who put me on some nice snook a year earlier 30 miles north. He had a topwater lure tied on and one of my favs—a bone-colored Heddon Zara Spook with twin treble hooks. "This is the ticket," he said with a smile. I was all in. Even with all of the morning monkey madness, we managed to launch before 7am. Within minutes, the group split up and I tailed JD southbound. It didn't take 70 |

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