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42 | powdered sugar and honey butter, or skillet brownies with raspberry sauce, we were definitely not roughing it. But before the first meal was ever served, we were welcomed by Cabin Bluff 's Andy Ippensen. Andy gave us the run-down on the long, cool history of Cabin Bluff. After hearing about some of the men who built and enjoyed this place for years before us, we discovered what became our favorite building on the grounds. We played a game of pool in the awesome man cave on the second floor of the main cabin. With dart boards, flat-screen televisions and a large, old-time bar that takes up a corner of the room, it was the perfect place to hang out before and after meals were served downstairs. On the second morning, after a huge breakfast, we headed out to shoot some clay pigeons. We'd all had some experience with this kind of shot gunning, but none of us had ever seen or shot anything comparable to the sporting clay course at Cabin Bluff. The course was set on a peninsula stretching out into the Georgia marsh. Each stand was unique, with some in the woods and others at the shore's edge looking out over the water. The shooting was intense, but even for someone who doesn't shoot, the path would be well worth the walk because the setting and view are amazing. We walked and shot the course for several hours doing what we always do best, compete with each other with plenty of laughter and a good dose of harassment over particularly bad shots. What followed was a simple thing, one that could probably take place anywhere— even in our own backyards, but for lots of reasons, it just doesn't. Strung up between the trees of Cabin Bluff are the most inviting hammocks swinging in the breeze. These made for the perfect resting spot for full stomachs and lazy eyes. We'd been at Cabin Bluff for about 20 hours, hadn't been past the docks, and already were in heaven. But that afternoon began an amazing day-and-a- half of guided fishing in the Low Country waters surrounding and extending past Cumberland Island into the Atlantic. The six of us broke up into father/son teams on 24-ft. bay boats and the competition was back on. There was no shortage of game fish and the only challenge was getting tired of pulling them in. From big bull reds to trout and triple tail, the fishing was awesome. We tried to accomplish a first (for us) and hook a triple tail on fly. It was one of the harder top water fish to spot, and our lack of success assured that we could try again on a future trip! The sun set on Top: From one generation to the next, these dads have instilled their love of the outdoors into their sons. Left to right: Bill and Carter Windham, Josh and Steve Mathias, Jackson and Scott Smith. Right: Jackson Smith hooked up on a redfish. Top: The iron gates of Cabin Bluff.

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