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Page 40 of 83 | 41 honey-hole for everything we enjoyed most in the world. Eventually, we pulled up to a stretch of cool, old log cabins sitting on the mossy Georgia shore. The gorgeous woods surrounded us and ran all the way down to some pretty water that we knew was redfish heaven. The guest cabins were rustic-chic and super comfy. After quickly unpacking, we checked out the grounds in our golf carts that were parked outside of the cabins. Starting at the large main cabin where meals are served, we made our way past swimming pools, tennis courts and even a golf course, which made it pretty clear that there would be no shortage of things to do during our non-fishing time. It didn't take us long to notice the awesome setup on the golf carts. They were each rigged with spinners and fly rods, so we hit the small lakes along the course, catching everything from brim to catfish. It wasn't until the 18th hole that a baby alligator showed up to take the brim off our fly. Needless to say, that was a first for the three of us. And, it was a tough fight. But the fun really began when we tried to get the feisty little gator off the fly and released back into the lake! After that excitement we headed back to the cabin, happy to have all our fingers intact, and started getting ready for a dinner that would be the first of some insanely good meals! The amazing food at Cabin Bluff is credited to a well-loved lady, Ms. Tay, and her team of cooks. Some of our favorites included tempura shrimp with scallop wraps, beef tenderloin, BBQ alligator ribs and Pale Ale chicken. A highlight of the trip was an oyster bake in the outdoor cooking area near the shore. With delicious, hearty breakfasts each morning and desserts like sweet cornbread with Built in 1928, Cabin Bluff is upscale rustic with five-star accommodations, cuisine and world-class hunting and fishing.

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