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Page 38 of 83 | 39 INTRODUTION BY SCOTT SMITH ARTICLE BY JACKSON SMITH, JOSH MATHIAS and CARTER WINDHAM I t's with a broad grin on my face and a feeling of gratitude that I reflect on my recent father-son trip to Cabin Bluff, a little piece of paradise on the wooded, eastern coast of Georgia. As I think about our time there, a few quotes and bits of wisdom float through my head. In the book, Confluence of Streams, Zenobia Barlow reminds us that as "children we enter this world with an awesome innate sense of wonder and a natural affinity for the world around us. When adequately cultivated, these qualities can easily mature into ecological wisdom and habits of sustainable living." Similarly, author Rachel Carson also tells us that the invaluable sense of wonder requires "the companionship of at least one adult who can repeatedly rediscover, along with that child, the absolute joy and mystery of the world we live in." I can't say I started fishing or hunting with my sons with thoughts of ecological wisdom in mind. I did it like we do most things, because it's what my father did with me, and, of course, because it's just so much damn fun. As I began to write this article, it occurred to me that a fresh, young perspective might be in order. So what follows is a collaborative effort by three sons about their trip to Cabin Bluff with their dads. A father-son weekend to a coastal resort in Georgia turns into a right-of-passage for three boys and their dads.

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