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Page 36 of 83 | 37 Power-Pole It's like Kleenex and Ziplock. They're brand names but have become de facto terms for tissue paper and plastic bags. So it is with Power-Pole. Yes, there are others "fixed anchors" on the market, but PP is the gold standard. And, in recent years, they've developed the Micro Pole that is around $500 and can be used on boats up to 17 ft. or 1,500 lbs. They're especially awesome on kayaks, and I speak from experience. They've also taken a page from the electric power tool playbook and have a lithium battery that snaps into the Micro like your electric drill. No wiring needed, so it's easy to move the Micro from kayak to kayak or from kayak to flats skiff because it pops on and off of their bracket in about 15 seconds. Pradco True story. I've fished topwater lures for 20 years. Always, Mirrolure Top Dawgs or Heddon Zara Spooks. Buddy of mine gave me a Badonk-A-Donk and WHAM! I started catching more fish at the same fishing hole I've been going to all my life. Then I heard that Pradco, the company that makes Badonk-A-Donk was coming to Barataria. WHAM! Again. I was the only guy fishing top water and I didn't catch as many fish, but all mine were BIG—much bigger than the fish everyone else caught, so I had bragging rights. That's the way it is with topwater lures—less fish but hoss daddies. And, that why I like 'em. So, let's just say, I left Louisiana with a few 'Donks in my suitcase. Pelican This is the company that introduced waterproof plastic cases back in the 1960s. I've used them to protect my camera gear when I traveled to remote countries. Of course, now I have $10,000 in cameras, lenses and flash kits gathering dust in my garage because I shoot everything on my iPhone 6S now. But, I digress. So, if they're the leader in durable plastic cases, why did it take them so long to come out with a heavy duty cooler to rival Yeti, Engel and so on? Who knows? But anyway, now they've jumped all in and their new cooler is of the same high quality as their cases and flashlights. The cooler market is flooded so be careful before you plunk down a bunch of cash. You might find similar quality for a lot less dough. Daiwa The guys have been around since 1958 and developed the open-faced spinning reel in 1965. They've been innovating ever since. Now they have two cool new items to talk about. One is the Magsealed ball bearing. Basically, the ball bearings are sealed so that water and salt cannot penetrate and cause rust and corrosion. It's a major innovation that could change the lifespan of their reels. For hard core bait casters like me, the TWS, or T-Wing System purports to add almost 20% more distance because instead of a small hole for the line to shoot through, it's an open triangle so the line hits less often and there's less friction. Louisiana Fish Fry If you want to cook and eat like a real Cajun, then learn some zydeco, say oooo-eee and buy yourself some Louisiana Fish Fry. With an assortment of dry fry batters, spices, crab and crawfish boils, jambalaya mixes and everything you need for your neighbor to nickname you Boudreaux Thibodeaux, this stuff is the bomb. Be careful though, when it says Cajun spicy, it means it. LFF is available nationwide at Walmart and other fine stores. Or you can go online and fish for the store nearest to you.

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