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36 | Navionics This company is the Switzerland of marine electronics in that they have remained independent in that crowded battleground. How? Well they don't make hardware. They make the software that hardware companies use. Plus, their charts are updated daily from multiple sources, including us, the users. That's cool. Their newly released SonarChart Live will create INSTANT LIVE one-foot contours on your Lowrance or Raymarine plotter screen. If that's not enough, Navionics makes a sweet navigation app for mobile devices and phones (#1 navigation app in the world) and you can even use it to update your chart and transfer waypoints to WiFi-enabled plotters. Wow! Flambeau Despite the racy name, Flambeau is not a gay bar in New Orleans. Or maybe it is. Not sure. Either way, this Flambeau makes some pretty cool soft tackle boxes, but, of course, a lot of companies do that. However, one thing Flambeau makes that is the least known but coolest product I've seen in a long time is the Zerust Vapor Capsule. It looks kind of like a D-cell battery and it keeps hooks and gear from rusting. You just put it in your tackle box to keep rust away. The trick is to take your lures out of their packaging before you fish with them. Then you leave them in your tackle box with the Zerust for 24 hours— enough time for the vapor capsule to send out rust-preventing molecules. No kidding. Sounds like science fiction but it really works. Frogg Toggs Thankfully, those good ole boys from Frogg Toggs outfitted all of us poorly equipped writers in bibs and jackets. It didn't rain, but the boat ride was downright frigid. The first morning we fished, my Weatherbug app said, "44 degrees but feels like 38." When the boat hit 40 mph, it felt more like an arctic blast. But inside my Toggs, I was comfy cozy. The company has been around for 20 years and has figured out how to balance comfort with performance and durability. They come in a variety of fashionable colors for men and women. To put my FTs to the real test, I wore them in the Colorado mountains at temps below zero. As I expected, I stayed as warm as a hot buttered rum. Chandeleur Island Brewing Company Where there's smoke, there's fire. Where there's lightning, there's thunder. Where there's fishermen, there's beer. True that! And now, a microbrewery from Ocean Springs, Mississippi, is making waves with their Chandeleur brews (named for the fish famous archipelago offshore of MS and LA). After the Barataria event, I decided to make a stop in Ocean Springs for a visit. Mmm good. I got the tour and a "tasting" of five different brews. Let's just say, they pour generously. And, Chandeleur also gives a portion of their profits for fish tags, so now you have one more good reason to drink their beer!

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