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Page 34 of 83 | 35 aluminum ceilings, stuffed wild critters of all creation from bobcats to deer, old fishing gear scattered about, hundreds of photos of anglers holding fish and, to top it off, hanging from the ceiling is a giant inflatable crawfish holding a big ole inflated beer can. Ooo-eeee! Who dat! Out by the water, there's five or so go-fast, center console fishing boats in the 20–26-ft. range, and the coup de gras is a four- passenger float plane. Theophile will fly you out to the legendary Chandeleur Islands where the fishing is stupid good. It's less than an hour in the airplane as opposed to way too damn far to go in a small boat. So if you're going by air, you can take your time in enjoying the real bacon, eggs, pancakes, hash browns, grits and such before you zip out to the islands, fish for four hours and make it back by mid-afternoon. If you have a big group, they have other float planes they can bring in. Like I said, they have it figured out. There was no airtime for our event, but there was plenty of fishing, laughing, imbibing and even a few racy jokes in the late of the night. Not only did we eat like Cajun royalty, but we slayed a mess of trout and redfish. In two days, my boat of four anglers caught 70 or 80 trout and some bull reds. Overall, I gained 6.8 pounds in crawfish, gumbo, jambalaya, fried shrimp, fried oysters, grilled fish, grits, bacon and beer. If you're feeling somewhat jealous now, I don't blame you. My wife put me on a cottage cheese and lettuce diet for a month and made me jog to work. I've fished Louisiana for many years and I've learned a lot about fishing over there. Like the per person limit on speckled trout is 25 fish per day—a number of many out-of-staters just don't believe. But, it's been that way for many years and the specks just keep on coming. So when we came in with 30 fish after a three-hour trip, our guide told his fellow guides that we did "just okay." We anglers were all smiles. Unlike other fishing trips, we actually did what you might consider work. The contingent I'd fallen into was a group of fishing writers who were paired up with representatives from fishing gear companies who were there to give us a sneak preview of their latest and greatest gadgets. In between eating and talking about fishing, we sat in the Bourgeois Fishing Charters lodge and learned even more about fishing. See the next two pages for a complete rundown. BARATARIA VENICE

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