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are fewer and smaller fish, and the distances to catch fish have increased dramatically. The farm and the ocean's bounty have both suffered with hotter temperatures, less rainfall and the ravaging effects of hurricanes. In 2015, a category 5 hurricane, Joaquin, hit Long Island directly and spun offshore for 39 hours. In 2016, Hurricane Matthew's eye passed 50 miles to the west, still giving us a blow of 120 mph winds! Another setback for artisanal fishermen like Stephen has been the growth of fish-finding technology on large vessels that harvest great numbers of fish, crawfish and conch in our waters. These actions have put a great burden on local island communities, who have depended on this food source for generations. We are now experiencing a fishery where many species have collapsed or are on the verge of collapsing. The Bahamas fisherman, whether commercial or artisanal, understands what has happened to the fishery. Certainly, the local fishermen have created pressure. When you combine that with foreign poachers who overfish our waters, the problem is magnified to unsustainable levels. The Bahamas have also experienced development that disturbs our shorelines and estuaries essential to species reproduction. Now, with their very culture and traditions being directly threatened, Long Islanders have begun to willingly support and work with organizations like Ocean Crest Alliance locally, the Bahamas National Trust nationally and the Guy Harvey Ocean Foundation internationally, to take action. Together, our organizations work to restore and better maintain fisheries to their former glory. Through the design and development of the proposed 215,000-acre Long Island Marine Management Area (LIMMA), we are hopeful that these once rich fishing grounds known as the Great Bahama and Little Bahama Bank will thrive again, for the local communities, the world and for generations to come. This article is in tribute to Gabriel "Stephen" Pratt, Bahamian free diver and artisanal fisherman extraordinaire, local farmer, master builder of island homes and the best father in the world! Stephen passed away at "his heaven on earth" on January 10, 2017, on Long Island Bahamas Northside—Pratt's family farm, down by the seashore! May God bless Stephen, his family and friends. Joe Ierna is the director of Ocean Crest Alliance, a 501c3 non-profitable charitable organization working on Long Island to establish Marine Protected Areas. For more information, visit: Left: It's all good, mon. Right: Symbiotically using fish to grow veggies. This page: Creating a garden in the bush takes constant attention.

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