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Guy Harvey Magazine is focused on fishing, boating, scuba diving, and marine conservation. Portfolios from the world's best fishing photographers, articles on gear, travel, tournaments, apparel, lifestyle, seafood recipes, sustainable fisheries.

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Page 28 of 83 | 29 BY JOSEPH IERNA JR. Unlike modern cities where people rely on jobs to earn a living and grocery stores for food, developing cultures head out into nature each day to tend their crops or out in the bush and jungles to catch a wild animal or out to the sea to catch a meal. It's about survival. This is what "subsistence" or "artisanal" hunting and fishing is all about—survival. And, even though most of us reading this publication do not think about it, subsistence still represents most of the global population. It's how they define their culture, heritage and identity. Artisanal living off the land and sea on Long Island, Bahamas Above: Poor soil makes growing crops difficult. Opposite top: Even a small boat can get you to the fish. Bottom left: A nice set of carrots. Bottom right: The lobster population continues to provide a good bounty. Looking to the Past to Guide our Future

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