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Page 24 of 83 | 25 SALINITY plus Currents, SST Forecasts, Subsurface SST, and Bathymetry CHLOROPHYLL TRUE COLOR ALTIMETRY SATELLITE FISHING MAPS The RipCharts mobile app allows you to download satellite imagery to your device and navigate offshore. A-Fishy-A-Nado You've heard the stories. Redfish so big, you might throw your back out during a long day of hossing them in. So many trout, you need a calculator to count 'em. And then you wash it all down with a bowl of hot sauce, some boudin, a crawfish boil and a six-pack of cold Abita beer. Yep, it's Southern LA, and I'm not talking about the fruity nuts in Malibu. This is Louisiana, a vast, marshy landscape of fish heaven. But if you don't have a cousin named Boudreaux to call, where do you start your search? A good place is, home to 200 captains, all members of the Louisiana Charter Boat Association. These guys are all either federally-permitted, which means they go offshore (past nine miles) or they are non-federally permitted, which means they fish the lakes, bays, bayous and rivers in inland Louisiana as well as out to nine miles off the coast. About 75 percent of the guides are non-federally permitted so they stalk trout and redfish mostly, whereas the offshore guides chase tuna, red snapper, amberjack, mahi-mahi, cobia and wahoo. Occasionally, they'll also go way offshore for marlin and sailfish. With all the press about redfish, many anglers don't know that that Louisiana has world class, blue-water billfishing. It's true! For more info and to view profiles and locations of the certified LCBA charter captains, visit: Louisiana reds.

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