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Page 22 of 83 | 23 s summer good times Explore the shore on America's #3 beach! Go fi shing, take a guided beach walk, hold sea critters at the touch tank. At the end of the day, fi nd tropical cocktails, live music and campfi re s'mores beside the Gulf of Mexico. St. Pete Beach, FL | 888.906.5645 G U Y H A R V E Y OUTPOST More than Just a Flashlight A man can't have too many flashlights. A cut-through-the-fog high beam is more valuable than clean underwater on a weekend fishing excursion. So I was excited when I stumbled upon the E.Lumen by Renogy. For pure illumination, it's three lights in one. The main beam shoots light for a couple hundred feet so it's perfect for boating, hunting or knocking off a jewelry store at midnight. Plus, one click and the high beam goes to half beam in case you hear the authorities coming. One more click and it flashes a strobe light. Along the body there are LED lights that give off a continuous glow or flash either white or red. Again, perfect if you're stranded on the side of the road fixing a flat tire after you've been on a high speed getaway. Not only is the E.Lumen a flashlight, but it's an escape tool too. It has a razor cutter to slice through seat belts and a hammer to smash a windshield - both essential if you're trapped in your car at 1 a.m. when you've run into a tree because the cops were in pursuit of you as a likely suspect for robbing, let's say, a jewelry store. There's also a a compass to guide you through the woods if, well, you're on the run. And, finally, if you run down the battery, you can recharge it with the built-in solar panel. It also comes with a handy USB cable to charge your phone so you can call an ex-girlfriend to get you, just in case the cops are closing in. For only $25 bucks, even law abiding citizens should have one or two. For more go to: covered hands and rub away the germs. Does not replace the use of real soap, you stinky bass." The next time I went fishing I got my hands good and slimy then sprayed on some Real Clean. Amazingly, the smell was gone instantly. The ingredients tell the story: a little Aloe Vera, some Witch Hazel, a dollop of Vitamin E oil, a pinch of Tea Tree Oil and a bitsy bit of Lavender Oil. I was so happy with the results that I found a permanent place in my tackle box for the stuff. To get your hands on the goods for only $5 per bottle go to:

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