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16 | Those who know me, know that I began fishing at a very early age. Growing up in Jamaica allowed my siblings and me many outstanding angling opportunities. When I was a teenager, my father bought a 32-foot wooden offshore boat—which, of course, was an extremely joyful day in my young life. It also began my love affair with the giants of the sea, billfish and sharks. As a curly-locked youngster, I even won a tournament or two. Not having to travel very far to wet a line was a fantastic way to grow up. It's one of the reasons I still live close to the deep blue sea. If the weather is good and the water looks fishy, I jump in the boat and put out the lines. Even if no one is around to fish with me, I don't hesitate to go out by myself. In fact, solo fishing lends a certain peacefulness to the experience. That is, until a big wahoo or marlin hits and the reel screams out its sweet music. Even though I have top-notch fishing out of my back door in Grand Cayman, I still love to travel to destinations far and near to hunt for different species. These days, almost all of my fishing travel involves marine science and research. My two most recent expeditions have been to Isla Mujeras, Mexico, in the Yucatan to catch and tag shortfin mako sharks and to my favorite fishing hole, the Tropic Star Lodge in Panama, to study roosterfish. Remember, to study these species, you first have to catch them. That's the kind of laboratory work I can get behind! In Mexico, I'm happy to report, our team successfully tagged 12 mako sharks with satellite tags, making this the most successful expedition in the six-year history of the program. I should note that some of the funding came from our partnership with SeaWorld to help underwrite this vital but costly work. They're critical because understanding where these animals live is the first step in conserving these ecologically and economically important species. Kudos to SeaWorld for joining forces with the GH Ocean Foundation to highlight the ongoing decline in global shark populations and to help advance research of these apex predators. This type of cooperation and collaboration from the corporate world is essential if we're ever going to stop the global decimation of sharp populations. GUY TALK is an internationally-acclaimed artist, fisherman, scientist, and world traveler, who devotes much of his time and money toward ocean conservation. FOLLOW THE FISH GUY HARVEY, PhD

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