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78 | Chef Hedlund is a Florida native, drawn north (or is it really south?) to the Lowcountry to pursue his culinary career. Hedlund had been working in restaurants since he was 14, and after a brief stint at Florida State decided to enroll in Johnson & Wales to train as a chef. He brought with him a love for the water and a long history of chasing fish with a rod and reel. Today, he heads the kitchen at Fleet Landing, and in addition to creating incredible food, he works closely with the S.C. Aquarium, supporting their sustainable seafood initiatives and winning the Sustainable Seafood Partner of the Year Award in 2011. One of his passions as a cook is to help diners expand their seafood options, and that fits nicely with a broader push among conservation-minded chefs to use a wider array of fish species and help ease the burden on some heavily pressured favorites. "We have this under-utilized bounty of fresh local seafood," says Hedlund. "We run invasive species, lionfish, porgies. I like to use these products and keep the preparation simple. Then, when people taste these products and say, 'I never knew…all I ever order is flounder and grouper,' that's a great feeling. I think our customers are pleasantly surprised." When it comes to helping consumers do their part to support sustainable seafood, Hedlund says the best thing diners can do is know the source of their fish. "At the restaurant, we identify the boat and know the captain and we can tell customers that story," says Hedlund. "What I would say is knowing your fisherman is a key, but our fisheries in the U.S. are the most regulated in the world. Some fishermen have contention with that, but we do a really good job of identifying what we need to pull from the ocean and the amounts we need to pull. So really, eating domestic product is a win-win...most of the guesswork is taken out of it." In addition to some more unusual offerings, Chef Hedlund also delivers a full menu of more traditional southern seafood offerings. Each has its own distinct touch, such as She Crab Soup with Blue Crab Roe and Sherry, or Crispy Whole Fried Southern Flounder with Apricot Glaze. Check them out at Chef Drew Hedlund FLEET LANDING RESTAURANT & BAR CHARLESTON, SOUTH C AROLINA Whole Fried Flounder with Apricot Glaze Serves 4 Flounder 1 Whole flounder, cleaned Seasoned flour of your choice Canola oil Glaze ½ C Garlic, minced ½ C Shallots, minced 2 12.75 oz jars apricot preserves 1½ C Red wine viegar 1 C Soy sauce 1 T Tabasco sauce ¼ bch Cilantro, minced 2 T Olive oil Preparation For the glaze, heat olive oil in a medium pan over moderate heat. Sauté minced garlic and shallots until they are translucent, then add all the remaining ingredients, and simmer for five minutes. Set aside until ready to serve. To prepare the flounder for cooking, simply score it with a knife and dredge in seasoned flour. Heat oil to 375° and fry the fish whole. Once cooked, remove and spoon on the apricot glaze. Serve and eat! Chef Drew Hedlund | Fleet Landing

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