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Page 76 of 83 | 77 Creole Shrimp with Carolina Gold Rice Cakes Serves 4 Rice cakes 1 pt Carolina Gold rice ½ C Onion, diced ½ C San Marzano tomato, drained 1 gal Bay leaf stock ½ C White wine 4 oz Rice flour Sauce 1.5 oz Worcestershire 1.8 oz Lemon juice 1.8 oz Whole grain mustard 1.8 oz Garlic, microplaned 1.5 oz Soy sauce Main dish 20 Shrimp, cut in half lengthwise 8 Rice cakes 16 T Butter, unsalted ¼ C Radish, julienned ¼ C Scallion, sliced 1 C Bacon, diced Preparation In a medium-sized sauce pot, sweat onion until translucent. Add rice and toast lightly until a nutty aroma forms, then deglaze with white wine making sure to completely cook it out. While cooking, add tomato to break it up throughout the remainder of the cooking process. Season rice with salt and pepper to taste. Add hot bay leaf stock three ounces at a time until rice has cooked thoroughly. Once cooked, spread rice thinly on a baking sheet and immediately cool in your refrigerator. Once the rice has cooled, evenly distribute four ounces of rice flour into the rice making sure that the flour gets mixed in well. (This will help the cakes stay together.) Form the rice cakes into 2-oz. disks. Set aside. Combine all ingredients for Creole sauce in a medium- sized bowl and mix well. Set aside. Next, lightly dredge rice cakes in rice flour and sear on both sides with oil and butter. Keep warm. In a large skillet, render bacon bits until 75% cooked. Stir in shrimp and immediately add Creole sauce. Turn heat to low and slowly add two tablespoons of butter at a time, only adding the next two tablespoons when the others have melted; Repeat this until all butter is incorporated. On a plate, place two rice cakes down and spoon shrimp and Creole mixture over the top. Your goal is to have 10 shrimp halves on each plate. (You may have some sauce left over.) Garnish each dish with julienned radishes and scallions.

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