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76 | LOWCOUNTRY EATS Chef Joe DiMaio mans the helm of one of Charleston's latest culinary success stories. The Darling is everything you want in a smart, stylish oyster bar, and its chef—in his first gig at the executive chef level of a seafood restaurant—is determined to do things right. He sources oysters and the rest of his seafood from as close to home as possible, supporting local growers and fishermen. Most of his oysters come from no farther away than Virginia. From the get-go, The Darling dedicated valuable parking space to eight oyster shell trash cans for recycling. Each one holds 200 lbs. of shells and gets filled and emptied every week. Chef DiMaio has also participated in "trash fish" dinners and employed barrel fish and other bycatch species. But in addition to basic practices of sustainability, he is also determined to please the palates of his guests. He says restraint is part of the equation. "I definitely fall in line with the idea of not doing too much to seafood," says Chef DiMaio. "We're using things that taste great. My personal philosophy is that you should eat your own food!" The key to preparing a great dish, he says, is using what's at hand and being flexible. "When we are looking at menus, we look at what is available, and we actually start with the vegetables. I look for good balance: acidity, sweetness, crunch. We want a dish to hit on a lot of cylinders." It appears The Darling is hitting on all cylinders as well. Guests rave about the seafood and the unique twists on southern classics such as shrimp and grits with crispy brussel sprouts, ham and fennel, or the clam chowder made with local clams, bacon and vegetables, served over house fries. Check out the rest of the menu at BY GHM STAFF Chef Joe DiMaio | The Darling Oyster Bar MEET THE CHEF Yes, there is much more to South Carolina fishing than what you can find in and around Charleston, but when it comes to seafood, it's hard not to recognize this city as the culinary soul of the state. With that in mind, we met up with two respected chefs willing to share some of their best eats, along with a few personal insights on how to treat seafood right. Chef Joe DiMaio THE DARLING OYSTER BAR CHARLESTON, SOUTH C AROLINA

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