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74 | Shimano Ultegra C3000HG reel & G. Loomis E6X rod The new Ultegra reels include Shimano's X-Ship technology for silky-smooth and efficient retrieval. Equally impressive casts from the precise flex of the G. Loomis E6X spinning rod and its Multi-Taper Technology. MSRP: $149 (reel), $179-219 (rod) Shimano Tranx 300 reel & G. Loomis E6X rod The Tranx 300 delivers up to 40 inches of line per crank in a near bullet-proof package, complimented by the G. Loomis E6X casting rod, available in lengths and tapers to fit any situation. MSRP $279 (reel), $179-219 (rod), PENN Squall 30VSW reel & Ally Boat Casting (ALLBW2050C66) rod The Squall is a lightweight graphite version of the International reel with PENN's Dura- Drag system and 2-speed performance. Ally boat rods have solid tip fiberglass blanks for years of durability. MSRP: $119 (rod), $299 (reel) PENN International 30VSW reel & International V IGFA rod This reel is designed for high-line capacity typically desired by anglers using monofilament and has the beefiest 2-speed stainless gear train out there. Pair it with an International V IGFA chair rod for applying maximum pressure to trophy fish. MSRP: $399 (rod), $599 (reel)

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