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72 | BY GHM STAFF GEARHEADS : There is no shortage of great fishing reels out there, nor of rods to which they can be attached. The real trick is to find a rod and reel that work flawlessly together. For casting, you want great balance, and in any combination you want to match the brawn of the reel with the right amount of backbone in the rod. Sometimes this is a pretty easy process, other times it takes a bit of trial and error. In this issue, we seek to remove all guesswork and solicit hand-picked pairings by the people who know their gear the best—the makers. In each category, we offer both an entry level pairing and a second match of top-shelf gear. We hope you find something you like and will take it for a test drive yourself. Fin Nor Surge (FNTS761MH) rod & LT60 reel Composite E-glass and graphite blanks give Surge rods both performance and bang-around-the-boat durability. The aluminum-bodied LT60 matches it in lightweight power for smoker kings. MSRP: $179.94 (rod & reel) Fin Nor Tidal (FNTC61025) rod & Marquesa MA16 reel The 2-speed Marquesa (6.1:1 and 3.1:1 ratios) is well-suited to thinner braided superlines, and melds perfectly with the custom-tuned Tidal rods, featuring Alps guides and reel seats. MSRP: $519.94 (rod & reel) Sage Salt rod & 6200 reel The Salt is a fast loading, high line-speed rod that offers delicate precision for casting and real backbone for bruiser fish. The 6200 reel's drag settings are numbered and dented, making it easy to set and accurately repeat. MSRP: $850 (rod), $459-499 (reel) Sage Pulse rod & 2200 reel This fast action, graphite rod is a workhorse that will handle a wide range of duties and is well suited to the 2200, with its large arbor for fast line pick-up and silky-smooth drag. MSRP $450 (rod), $149-159 (reel) THe perfect Match

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