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Page 68 of 83 | 69 With this unparalleled string of success, Guy made it a point to fish the tournament every year after the passing of his father. In 1996, he was awarded Top Outboard Boat aboard his 26' Dusky, the Makaira, having landed two blue marlin. In 1998, his last year in Jamaica, Guy enjoyed the tournament with family and friends. As it happens, I was invited to fish as part of Team SUZIE Q with Guy's long-time friend, Rickie Wates. It was my first trip to Jamaica, and after the fun, food and libations I enjoyed, I vowed to one day return. Eighteen long years later I received a last-minute invite from the 2016 MBYCT Tournament Director Bobby Stewart, to attend and film all the festivities. Instantly in the groove of the island's "ONE LOVE" ambiance, I was quickly immersed in Jamaican island hospitality and the camaraderie of the local anglers. It reminded me what a laid back, and friendly tournament the MBYCT was, and I realized that had not changed. Guy, as a special guest, presented an informative fish I.D. and tagging discussion while Bobby Stewart greeted the international boats and anglers with Jamaican-style warmth and appreciation. A veteran of many international marlin tournaments—from the Canary Islands, to Australia, Mexico, Guatemala, Costa Rica, Panama and all over the Caribbean—I can say none of these other venues share the dockside communion and sense of kinship found here. The genuine expressions of "thanks for coming," "good luck offshore," and "join us for a rum when we get back to the dock" are just a part of the generosity that is shown by the Montego Bay and other Jamaican competitors. This year's MBYCT had a total of 38 boats fishing the event in slick-calm seas under brilliant blue skies. As previously mentioned, Guy (blue hat) and the crew of the Oh Reely salute the cameras during the most recent MoBay Tournament.

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