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66 | kid's divisions. And few locals know more about the fishery in this area or have a longer history of fishing the tournament than native Jamaican artist, scientist and conservationist, Dr. Guy Harvey. When asking Guy Harvey for his recollections and family history of the tournament, he merely smiles and says it goes back, "as early as I can remember." A native Jamaican son with an upbringing richly steeped in fishing, both his father and mother, as well as uncles and aunts were all anglers. Guy's mother Josephine Harvey won the MBYCT in 1967, catching two blue marlin in one day aboard her brother, James Williams's boat, the Pelamis. Just being avid anglers competing against the best captains on the island was a notable feat. A few years later in 1969, Guy's father Philip Harvey, got the best wedding present a man could ask for, a 32-ft. wooden-hulled sportfisher named Pat, which didn't take long to gain its rightful place in Montego Bay Yacht Club history. It took top honors with three blue marlin in 1973. For Guy, then a young man of 18 years, it was a victory that clearly cemented his love of the ocean and the spirit of teamwork needed to win a big blue water event. Guy's father was joined by close friends Gordon and Betty Langdon and all three of them caught a marlin. Gordon got a much-needed assist from young Guy who hooked and fought two oceanic white tips just to keep them from eating Gordon's marlin. This team effort win gave them all a boost of confidence, and one month later they all won the Port Antonio Tournament with four blue marlin. Two of those fish were Guy's first and second blue marlin ever caught. With success like this, 1973 was a year the Harvey clan will never forget. Fast forward to 1978, a time when the entire Jamaican offshore tournament circuit had all but disappeared—all except the Montego Bay Yacht Club event, though by the next year it, too, had dwindled to only 12 boats. This was a time when Guy had returned to Jamaica to begin his PhD work and decided to participate in that year's MBYCT in a 17-ft. Aquasport center console. But it wasn't just any 17-ft. skiff—this one happened to belong to the Discovery Bay Marine Lab where Guy was employed! Fishing against his dad and the Pat for the first time, the luck that always seems Left: A young Guy Harvey, no stranger to tournament fishing at a young age, poses with a 145 lb. blue caught as part of a local Jamaican tournament in 1973. Right: Guy (left) helps check the gear while out fishing with the family. Inset: The Harvey family boat, Pat.

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