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Page 60 of 83 | 61 go on a certain tide or time of day. Always talk at the dock with the guys that have been here for so long. Adjust your game plan accordingly. CA: How about your advice for older guides toward younger guides? MV: We younger guides are not here to step on your toes. We are where you were when you were young. It's a business, whether you are 24 or 76 years old. We all have the same goals, to catch fish, to make a living, to come home safe and for the customers to have fun. We all have to start somewhere. CA: Why Islamorada? What kind of opportunities are here? MV: I located here because there is unbelievable access to so many fishing conditions. You can fish the Atlantic for sailfish, then go into Florida Bay for snook and redfish, or sit in the inshore waters for tarpon or bump off for tuna and swordfish, or go to the Gulf of Mexico for cobia and mackerel, all within an hour's ride. It's really everything you could ask for here. Islamorada really is the Sportfishing Capital of the World. You can adjust to the conditions and tailor-make a trip any day and catch a ton of fish. CA: With all the opportunity around in the Keys, what is your ideal busman's holiday? MV: That's a tough question, because there is so much to do here. I love tarpon fishing. To toss a live bait out and see a tarpon blow up on it is really what I love to do. CA: From which captain do you think you've learned the most? MV: I would have to say that Jared Raskob was a big influence. He took me fishing and showed me the backcountry and offshore, but more importantly, he showed me how to do business here. Jared has done a lot and I learned from him and I am thankful for that. CA: Any words of wisdom to the average guy wanting to charter the Islamorada area? MV: I guess just ask me what you want to do during a day. Let's figure out what species you want to target before you come down, and the conditions dictate what we can do while you're here. If you wanted to go strictly sailfish, we may not have that option, so I'll run you back to the backcountry and catch reds or snook. You have to be able to adapt as a tourist charter. CA: The guiding business is tough. What's your ultimate goal? MV: I want to fish hard as a guide for the next 10 years and then do an investment property or something. If I can develop my life around fishing, I would do it. I hope I have that opportunity. CA: Your wife Karly is the marketing director for the Islander Resort, a Guy Harvey Outpost—a pretty sweet gig. Tell us how you tied the knot. MV: I asked Karly to marry me in Little Palm Island. We had friends there for a birthday lunch, then I figured I could kill two birds with one stone. We went for a walk on the private deck there, I went down on one knee and asked her to marry me. She nearly pushed me into the water off the dock! And luckily she said yes. We went to Paris to tie the knot in the Garden in Notre Dame. CA: Final question. Why the pink boat? MV: That's a funny question, and I hear it all the time. There's no real story behind it. It started as a joke. I painted the boat pink to do something different, something out of the norm here, something over the top. I'm not afraid to be different, and it kind of stuck with me. I hear it a lot that I have a pink boat, but I guess it's working if people are talking about it. Contact Captain Mike Venezia at www. or book Captain Mike out of the Islander Resort, a Guy Harvey Outpost at www. Capt. Mike is well-known for his pink boat, which lands him both some good-natured ribbing and plenty of fish.

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