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48 | 48 | Top Photo: Researchers at Little River use backpack devices to go electrofishing. The device stuns the fish, which float to the surface where a fin clip is taken for DNA testing. The fish soon revive and are released unharmed. Left: The redeye (Bartram's) bass has a slender, bronze-olive body that fades into white on the belly. It has dark lateral blotches along the side and horizontal rows of spots on the lower side and distinguishing white edges along the upper and lower edges of the caudal fin, which similar species don't have. An orange margin is also often present on the caudal and anal fins. The mouth is large and extends to the rear edge of the eye, but not beyond. Middle: This is a hybrid between Bartram's and Alabama Bass, and potentially a first-generation hybrid. Testing shows this fish has approximately 50% genes from each species. Right: This is a higher order hybrid, with a much higher proportion of Alabama Bass genes. All three fish were collected from the same site on Little River.

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