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Page 46 of 83 | 47 " Tourism brings a lot of anglers here, and it's great when we recapture a tagged fish because we get an instant ecology lesson for everyone onboard," said Waller. "A lot of customers come back the next year and report that the free SCDNR T-shirt was a big hit for them back home, and they hope to catch another tagged fish." It's no coincidence that Waller won the Outstanding Charter Boat award at the recent 50th anniversary of the Charleston Trident Fishing Tournament, which is based partly on releasing fish. My own efforts aren't that prolific, but I reached out to the SCDNR and asked Wiggers to pull up some of my tagging data. His report states that I've tagged a total of 235 fish, of which 83% were red drum. Of those tagged fish, 60 were recaptured at least once, and I reported nine recoveries of recreationally tagged fish. On November 15, 1998, I tagged a red drum that was quickly recaptured three times in three years, twice by Archambault (captured in the trammel net survey) and once by me. On my angler report, Wiggers wrote this note: "Jeff you get an A+ for tagging! None of these length measurements are estimated so we get a good size progression over the life history of the fish." The note put a grin on my face, and reminded me the folks at the SCDNR are just as serious about the sport as the rest of us. It feels good to be a part of the team through the tagging program, and I'm looking forward to what data the program will come up with next. More than that, I can't wait to catch my next fish. Read Jeff 's blog at The dawn light throws a warm glow on the author and a healthy, 31-in. red drum, successfully tagged and released. Photo: Jeff Dennis.

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