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30 | Lake Jocassee is no doubt one of the most beautiful lakes in the state and in the southeast, surrounded by mountains, forests and waterfalls and with water clear as glass at times. Of course, this can make it a challenge to fool the big bass—most anglers use trout-imitating swimbaits to catch bigger bass because the big guys feed on the stocked trout here. Lake Jocassee is unique in holding five state records, including marks for both warm-water and cold-water species. The record smallmouth, spotted bass, redeye bass, brown trout and rainbow trout were all caught here. The water is usually Bahamas' clear, which means it's finesse country where 6-lb. test fluorocarbon may be called for at times. Senko-type worms, shaky heads and drop-shot rigs do a lot of damage, and there's an early topwater bite for zig-zag lures in spring around points and humps. It's not a large lake at 7,500 acres, and gets very crowded once the swimming/skiing/wakeboard season arrives. Devil's Fork State Park near Salem has pretty waterfront cabins, ramps and more. Lakes Marion and Moultrie on the Santee Cooper rivers near the coast form a nationally-known bass fishery, as well, a full 180° from Jocassee. The lakes are loaded with stumps and dead trees, cypress and hydrilla as well as snakes and gators—you won't be troubled by water skiers in these lakes, but you may need a spare prop to get you home after you hit submerged timber. Soft plastics, spinnerbaits and topwaters all do well, and are best fished on stout tackle because the fish run large, with five-pounders common, seven and more not rare. Santee State Park is one of the favorite places to stay here:

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