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26 | Carolina Blue From trout fishing in the Blue Ridge Mountains to hunting billfish in the blue waters of the Gulf Stream, South Carolina delivers fishing like few southern states. Clapper rails, salt marsh and redfish go together. The cryptic "ik-ik-ik" of the strange little game birds seems an inevitable soundtrack, in perfect harmony with the soft rustle of cord grass swept aside by an ocellated tail, and with the slide of a push pole between calloused palms, scraping here an oyster, there a rock—but mostly easing silently into the deep, rich chocolate mud of the estuary. Across the nearly half-million acres of chartreuse Spartina marsh that cloak the coast of South Carolina— more than any other Atlantic state—there are a whole lot of rails and redfish for much of the year. The conditions that make life perfect for both are here in abundance, to say nothing of the countless sea trout, sheepshead, black drum and so much more. If this were the only fishery in the Palmetto State, it would assuredly be worth a pilgrimage for every serious angler. But it's only a small piece of a fishing pie that sprawls from many miles offshore into the inky blue of the Gulf Stream inland to some 3,500 ft. up the Blue Ridge Mountains. Here's a brief look at some of the many fishy spots around the state. BY FRANK SARGEANT 26 |

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