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Page 68 of 83 | 69 Emily hopped off the boat to take a few photographs in the distance, but she was quickly waving her arms, shouting and pointing, "Two bonefish! Right here!" Daurin and I lazily ate our ham sandwiches and brushed her off, thinking we would wade over there soon enough to cast. But Emily was persistent, " They are right here!" We jumped off the boat and found out why she was so excited. Two bonefish had gotten trapped by the low tide and were finning around in their own private pool of seawater. Daurin and I grabbed the net off the boat and in a circus-like scene chased the bones around until we scooped them up and released them into the bay. Life was good, for the bones and for us. To finish the day, I planted my feet and cast into the blue waters and soaked up a little bit of fishing heaven. One strip after another, my fly came tight to a mess of bonefish, jack crevalles, palometas and—a prized jewel for me—two huge, atavistic lookdowns. It doesn't take a trophy gamefish to make me happy. Just to land a look down on fly, along with scores of bonefish and palometas was more than enough. That night, we ate dinner and prepared for the trip home the following day. But I wasn't done fishing, of course! Around 10pm, with stars twinkling brightly against jet black skies, I set out with my spinning gear to chunk mojarra baits off the beach. The line went slack and then things went wild. My reel was burning off line for about 15 seconds, and then that was it. The beast on the end simply spooled me. Tarpon? Shark? Snook? I'll never know. One thing I do know is that I'll be back to Pesca Maya to finish the fight. | 69 Dropping a shrimp fly in ditch channels, surprise catches always pop up, this time in the form of a lookdown. Other odd characters in ditch cuts found off sandbars include palometas, ladyfish, jacks and if Lady Luck shines upon you, permit.

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