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66 | Mexico Fast Times in BY NICK HONACHEFSKY Our man travels to a quiet corner of the Yucatan and discovers some of the most frenzied fishing on the planet. Along the coast are a series of popular tourist stops, all with their own flavor. We made our way past the pool parties and spring break atmosphere of Cancun, past the beaches and golf courses of Playa Del Carmen, and then the Bohemian paradise of Tulum with its many spas. At the southern end of the coast, we finally arrived at Ascension Bay and the Pesca Maya Lodge. For anglers, this is where the real party happens. I call it piscatorial paradise. Our flight touched down at midnight in Cancun, Mexico. My girlfriend Emily and I hopped a shuttle and cruised south along the Riviera Maya, the stretch of coastline on the northeastern tip of the Yucatan Peninsula. Offshore lies the cruise ship hub and scuba paradise of Cozumel. 66 | Ascension Bay offers incredible inshore action from a boat or the beach. In some cases, wade fishing is the best option. Right: The author shows off a barracuda caught just steps from his bungalow.

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