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Sadly, the "internet hero" mentality prevailed—the idea that you always have to come off with a win or look like the expert. The result is social media bullying and it's changing the way people interact. When I see posts of a kid catching his first-ever striper there are a lot of positive remarks, but you always get a handful of people saying, "Why is that kid holding the fish vertically?" A simple negative comment can turn away those who are new to the sport, young or old. It's wrong. Maybe all I'm asking is that we be a little more civil on social media. Traditionally, fishing is about relationships, about honor, respect and knowledge. We can't lose that soul. We need to be a community that stays united and helps one another out. Maybe it's time for the industry as a whole to restart the social media revolution and set an example for the rest of the world. Leave the vitriol for politics and Hollywood tabloid garbage, and let's create a culture of respect within the sport of fishing. We are all anglers. We are one family. We should treat each other that way. | 61 The RipCharts mobile app allows you to download satellite imagery to your device and navigate offshore.

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