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Page 16 of 83 | 17 bluefin tuna larvae diet and habitat to better understand the future of the bluefin. Recently published research found that their diet consisted almost exclusively of crustaceans (e.g. crabs, shrimp) and varied by year and fish size. Thanks to Jim and his team's ongoing research, we now know more about their feeding and breeding habits so that we can protect a fish that's so delicious, so coveted and so profitable, that it continues to be overfished zealously. As we developed this issue of Guy Harvey Magazine, we discovered that Jim's tuna research is not the only vital fishery work coming out of Mississippi, a state with approximately 70 miles of Gulf of Mexico coastline. Perhaps, the state's most ambitious project—and one I would like to bring special attention to—is restoring a once vibrant oyster population that has fallen onto hard times due to hurricanes, the oil spill and fresh water flooding. The goal: to build the stock to a million sacks per year by 2025. Production has dropped from 490,000 sacks in 2004 to 40,000 sacks in 2015. So, yes, the fishery managers are both optimistic and ambitious. Why oysters? There are at least five reasons: they help to mitigate shoreline erosion, they filter the water, they provide critical habitat for sportfish, they create jobs and, best of all, they're delicious. That's a win/win/win/win/win! I hope you enjoy this issue, and are both inspired and informed. Whether in the Mediterranean or the Gulf of Mexico, the fun and the work of fishing are never done. Fair Wind and Tight Lines!

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