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Introducing the Tauten L INEWELDER TM Knot tying isn't your thing? No big deal. Because with the revolutionary Tauten L INEWELDER TM you may never tie knots again. Fast and easy to use, Tauten WeldedLoops TM are stronger than knots, won't weaken your line like hand-tied knots, and work with your favorite tackle. Create stronger line connections with the Tauten L INEWELDER TM and start landing more badass bass. 14 | CONTRIBUTOR'S PROFILE Regular readers of GHM should know the name Nick Honachefsky. A longtime contributor and editor of the Complete Angler, Nick's words and smiling mug have helped us cover fishing all over the U.S. and Caribbean. Nick is a veteran fishing writer and TV host and that makes him a busy man, but in this issue, we scored a trifecta. We got him to write two features—one on the Riviera Maya (p. 66) and the other on Coastal Mississippi (p. 24)—and he penned a tirade about the fishing community's growing number of internet trolls. It was an epic effort. What readers wouldn't know is that Nick traveled to Mississippi and Mexico in back-to-back trips with what we hope was enough time to do a load of laundry. If not, Nick wouldn't whine about it. He'd just buy new underwear and soldier on. That's why we like him. We also like him because he's from New Jersey and, while being an incredibly nice guy, he doesn't mind getting in your face, if it's warranted. See the above-mentioned tirade in his regular "Dock Buzz" column (p. 60). For any young anglers out there looking to follow in Nick's footsteps, we'd just like to point out that his stories never mention sleep. In fact, if you follow him on social media, Nick is always fishing somewhere. When he's not traveling or filming, he's pulling all-nighters on the beach hauling in stripers and bluefish from the Jersey surf. In Mexico, he spent all day on the water and then most nights fishing the shoreline behind his bungalow. It's either insomnia or passion. We suspect it's the latter, and the real secret to his success. Check out Nick on World Fishing Network's Hookin' Up with Nick and Mariko at NICK AT NIGHT Introducing the Tauten TM LINEWELDER TM

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