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CONTRIBUTOR'S PROFILE TY SAWYER The former editorial director of ISLANDS, Sport Diver, and Scuba Diving magazines, Ty Sawyer is a widely published travel writer and photographer. But, for all his adventures, his recent work for GHM brought a completely new experience. "I'd never been big game fishing before," admits Sawyer, who spent time trolling the waters off Grand Cayman with Guy. "Of course, I've always been a Hemingway fan, and Old Man and the Sea is a common theme with Guy's work, so from a literary standpoint, I was definitely 'in the moment'. However, words in a book and getting into a battle in the open ocean are miles apart, as is fishing with someone like Guy Harvey versus just hopping on a day boat. But, there I was, a complete novice, with the 'Man'. "We trolled, we caught some mahi mahi, but the big catch eluded us. But, never once did Guy make me feel out of place. And, the zing of a fish on…nothing like it." CREDITS TO: PUBLISHER Lost Key Publishing Editor-in-Chief Fred Garth Managing Editor Daryl Carson Editor, Complete Angler Capt. Dave Lear Marketing Director John Guidroz Circulation Director Kat Dean VP of Advertising and Marketing Darren Shepherd Director of Sales and Marketing Ashley Bringman Director of Communications Marketing Sue Cushman Outside Sales Representative Dan Wilson Layout and Design Leslie Ward Jenny Lee Internet Gurus Zeekee Interactive Copy Editor Kerrie Allen Contributing Editors Tanya Burnett Kat Dean STEVE WATERS Steve Waters is the outdoors writer for the Sun Sentinel newspaper in South Florida, as well as the Orlando Sentinel. He has covered sailfish tournaments and written about the top sailfish captains and anglers in Florida for more than 20 years. He's even caught a few sailfish with them. Waters also writes about and fishes for offshore species ranging from snapper and grouper to swordfish and dolphin; inshore species such as snook, bonefish, redfish, and tarpon; and freshwater species such as largemouth bass and peacock bass. A certified diver, he has written about his adventures exploring reefs, wrecks, and springs. Waters also covers conservation issues ranging from dive flag awareness to the impact of state and federal regulations, such as bag limit reductions and seasonal closures. Dr. Guy Harvey Doug Perrine Danny Thorton Contributors Dr. Karen Burns Alan Goya Lynn Goya Shawn Heinrichs Greg Jacoski John McMurray Allison Nickell Joe Richard Jeff Rottman Ty Sawyer Dr. Mahmood Shivji Shara Teter Steve Theberge WE RECYCLE: We're proud that Guy Harvey Magazine is printed on recycled paper. However, using recycled paper is just the first step. Finding an environmentally-friendly printer is even more important. That's why this magazine is printed at Publishers Press in Shepherdsville, Kentucky. Publishers Press recycles more than 50 million pounds of paper and paper products each year, which saves 10 million gallons of oil, 35,000 trees, and 14 million gallons of water. Publishers Press also recycles more than 300,000 pounds of aluminum printing plates annually and no hazardous wastes are ever sent to a landfill, but are recycled and reused. The company is currently working toward certification by the Sustainable Green Printing (SGP) Partnership. GUY HARVEY MAGAZINE, Issue 7, Winter 2012. GHM is published four times per year (quarterly) for $24.95 per year by Lost Key Publishing, LLC, 7166 Sharp Reef Road, Pensacola, Florida 32507. Periodicals postage pending at Pensacola, Florida, and additional mailing offices. POSTMASTER: Send address changes to: Guy Harvey Magazine, PO Box 34075, Pensacola, Florida 32507. No part of this magazine can be reproduced without express written permission from Lost Key Publishing. Occasionally, we may make all or part of our subscriber list available to carefully screened companies that offer products and/or services that may interest you.

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